Public Speaking For Young Adults

Do you feel anxious about public speaking?

Being shy, anxious and afraid to speak in front of others can last a lifetime. 

Does your heart race, palms sweat, and mind go blank when you talk in front of others? If so, it’s really not surprising. It’s natural to feel nervous about speaking in public; in fact, it’s not taught much in schools so it’s likely you haven’t had much experience.

But the good news is – when you learn how, it’s not that scary. There are ways to manage your nerves and learn presentation skills that will wow the crowd.

In the modern world, it’s also essential to be confident about using the technology involved in virtual presentations, including video.

As a public speaking coach and certified trainer, I run virtual group coaching sessions specifically designed for young adults aged 18-25. You’ll learn how to manage nerves, speak with confidence and learn the relevant technology.

Sessions are fun, interactive and practical. Join the community of young speakers today.

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