Presentation and interview skills for students in higher education

Online group coaching programme for tertiary level students who want to speak with confidence, clarity and impact. Sessions are held every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 5pm.

The world of work is changing fast.

And being able to present well both online and offline is now an essential skill.

If you’re a student at university or aged 18-25 and preparing for work, presentation skills are your stepping stone to success.

The fear of public speaking can last a lifetime and hold you back from so many of life’s opportunities – but it doesn’t have to.
You can overcome that fear by learning techniques in a supportive environment and practising them. When you’re competent with presentation skills both for online and offline platforms you’ll open the door to limitless opportunities. Here are just a few.

Job opportunities
Being able to nail it in your interviews which, these days could be in-person or online.

Work or business opportunities that come from being seen
The more you speak to people and deliver presentations or even post videos, the more visible you become – the more visible you are, the more opportunities will come your way.

Promotion opportunities
Being seen by someone in a key position increases your chances of promotion.

Reach more people
Speaking one to one means you only influence one person. When you present you’re speaking one to many therefore widening your reach.


Build your confidence
Being able to speak in front of others is one of the best way to give yourself a confidence boost. Confidence is key to your success.

The world of work is changing fast and with the right support and in a safe environment to learn, practise and grow, you can be the confident speaker you want to be.

Join the Breakthrough Speakers’ Club for students and young adults

A programme designed especially for tertiary students and young adults.
We meet online every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 5pm for a one-hour group coaching session. The first session will focus on learning and practising in pairs and the second session of the month will focus on delivering your presentation and receiving feedback.

During the programme, you’ll learn presentation skills, techniques to boost your confidence, the technical skills needed for virtual presentations and how to deliver every message with impact.

You’ll also walk away with a new-found confidence and presentation skills to last a life time.

Speak with confidence clarity and impact to open the door to a lifetime of opportunities.

Student discount £30 per month for two online group coaching sessions.

The Instructor

Sarina Mann

I’m Sarina Mann, the creator of Breakthrough Public Speaking enabling business leaders and individuals to speak with confidence for both online and offline platforms.

Winning multiple awards at Toastmaster speech contests at local, regional and national levels, I soon developed a passion for helping others become the confident speakers they want to be. I realised that being a confident speaker isn’t a skill you’re born with, it’s a skill you learn, a skill everyone can learn.

What my clients say

The one to one Breakthrough Public Speaking course provided me with all the skills, know-how & practical help to feel confident enough to develop my own projects. Sarina was a pleasure to work with & clearly knows her stuff. I always felt supported by her when receiving feedback, and enjoyed her positive, non-judgemental coaching style.
Avril Scott

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