Why video content on your website will help your business grow

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"Video content not only brings the human side to your brand but is more effective in allowing your prospects to get to know you and how you will deliver your service to them."

Are you using video content to engage with your audience?

Have you thought about including videos on your website but you’re not sure if it will bring results? In this blog I share five main reasons why video content will help your business grow.

Making decisions about how to promote your website can feel daunting. Before you put time, effort and money into making online content it’s important to be sure that you choose the right path in terms of what kind of content you produce and how it will promote your brand, increase sales and build the right audience for your business.

There are two major factors in promoting your business to visitors to your website:

  1. Being able to present your services in an engaging and compelling way
  2. Demonstrating your expertise whilst also developing the know, like and trust factor – an essential component for every service professional.

One of the best ways to promote your business and your USP (unique selling point) is to make video content for your website and social media. Here are five reasons why.

Showcase your brand through your videos

Videos help build brand authority, a perception of expertise and trustworthiness which comes from the content you deliver. Think about reasons you would choose a business over its competitor; it’s likely that brand authority plays a significant part.

People like to see a human face when considering a service, it gives a feeling of authenticity, trust and reliability. Prospects appreciate an emotional connection and this face-to face connection, even though it’s recorded, reassures customers that you’re real and someone who can clearly demonstrate their expertise.

Video content not only brings the human side to your brand but is more effective in allowing your prospects to get to know you and how you will deliver your service to them.

Rank higher on Google

We tend to spend longer watching a video than scrolling through a website, and Google’s algorithm includes ‘dwell time’. Text and graphics can capture attention but videos are likely to hold attention, keeping your customer on your page and pushing your website further up the rankings. Additionally, having watched a video, customers are more likely to recall your brand and make a purchase from your business.

Make your business stand out from the crowd

Simply by adding video you’re putting your business at an advantage. Videos are proven to be effective marketing tools – you can expect to increase conversion rates as well as improve your search engine optimisation.

It helps you to become known as an authority or expert in your field and you can add so much more depth as your video can put across nuances such as humour, which is not always easy to do via text.

Think about visiting two websites with the same service but one with a video and the other without: on one website you can see the service professional talk about what they do and how they do it and naturally you’d feel much more informed than the one without the video.

Include mobile users

40% of people use their phone for information rather than a laptop or tablet, and this is a significant point to remember when making online content. Watching a video for information on a phone is much easier than reading through lots of text on the small screen, and much more engaging. Reach out to mobile users with videos which will hold their attention and provide all the information they need with no scrolling required. One study has shown that 80% of customers prefer watching video than reading the content as text.

Better social proof through video testimonials

Traditionally, many businesses relied on ‘word of mouth’ for new clients, and in this increasingly online world this remains an important factor in generating more business and creating a foundation of trust with current and future clients. This ‘social proof’ plays an important role in many of our purchases.

Written testimonials may not be seen as trustworthy by casual visitors to your website, but video testimonials feel more real and give that emotional connection where a potential customer can see how valued your product is to others.

Video content is a hugely valuable tool to make your business stand out from the crowd, build trust and ultimately increase sales.

Video presentation skills specialists

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