Breakthrough your fear. Speak with confidence on camera.

Everyone can BREAKTHROUGH their fear of public speaking,
find their voice, master presentation skills and speak with impact to persuade, inspire and lead.
You can become the speaker you want to be.
You can speak with
confidence .

Do you need videos, webinars, workshops, online courses, presentations or keynote speeches for your business?
We can find your style as a speaker for both in-person and online speaking events.

How would your confidence and business change in the next 6 months if you:

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Explore the different programs on offer:

5 Keys to Camera Confidence

This digital mini-course helps you develop the skills needed to become a confident and impactful speaker on camera. The course includes 5 video modules, skill-building exercises, workbooks, quizzes, and questionnaires to track your progress. You’ll learn all the steps you need to speak with confidence on camera.

Breakthrough Virtual Speaker Programme

The Breakthrough Virtual Speaker Programme is a 7-week group coaching programme for business owners to learn to speak with confidence on camera for videos, webinars and virtual events and take their business to the next level through greater visibility. Gain valuable hands-on experience and coaching in a group setting that covers confidence, tech setup, content creation, presentation skills on camera and how to get more opportunities through speaking. Join a supportive group and unleash your full potential!

Be The Speaker

Transform your business speaking abilities with a tailored six-month 1-1 coaching program. Work with me on a consistent weekly basis to accomplish your speaking objectives. My individualized approach ensures your unique needs are met, and I’ll deliver bespoke feedback to make you a successful speaker for both online and in-person events.

Are you looking to boost the performance of your team so that they get better results and more sales?

Take a look at my programme created specifically to train teams!

Introducing Breakthrough Virtual Speaker Programme, designed for your team. Our training spans 7 half-days, providing customized modules tailored to your needs, aimed at building your teams’ skills as a captivating virtual speakers to boost audience engagement and sales. Training is fun, interactive, and engaging. Most importantly it’s practical and will leave an impact on your team and get them using the techniques they learn in the training. It will get your team inspired and motivated to be the best speakers they can be.

The Signature Framework you'll find across all my training

Who is Sarina Mann?

I’m Sarina Mann, the creator of Breakthrough Public Speaking enabling business leaders and individuals to speak with confidence for both online and offline platforms.

Winning multiple awards at Toastmaster speech contests at local, regional and national levels, I soon developed a passion for helping others become the confident speakers they want to be. I realised that being a confident speaker isn’t a skill you’re born with, it’s a skill you learn, a skill everyone can learn.

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Should I stand or sit to record a video?

Are you afraid of public speaking? Does giving a speech or delivering a presentation feel daunting? This video will share with you a host of tools and techniques you can ...use to be a confident public speaker. By implementing them you will stop avoiding and fearing public speaking.

Sarina Mann is a public speaking coach and confidence on camera expert, helping business owners, CEOs and leaders speak with confidence delivering impact with your keynote speeches, presentations, when networking, and when speaking on camera presenting webinars, making content or leading a meeting.

In this video, Sarina, founder of Breakthrough Public Speaking and award winning speaker takes you through the reasons why avoiding public speaking can make your fears worse, as well as giving you some steps and strategies to help you overcome your fear.

Breakthrough Public Speaking offers a host of programmes and courses to support you in your journey to becoming the speaker you want to be. You can learn to speak with confidence.

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