Terms & Conditions

Sarina Mann, Private English Tutor

  • 48 hours notice of cancellation is required, otherwise the full lesson fee is charged. If the student feels unwell, please inform me as soon as possible. Even if you are not sure if the lesson has to be cancelled. I will wait with my class prep until shortly before the lesson. If you still go ahead with the class that’s fine. If you cancel in the morning and I have not prepared for the class, no fee is charged. Please note that I will not tutor a student with an infectious disease (cold, flu etc.) to protect myself and my other students. If this is the case, please cancel as soon as possible but not later than 24 hours, otherwise cancellation fees will apply. Alternatively online tuition can be arranged. 
  • The teaching assignment can be stopped anytime. However one week notice should be given. I might end the assignment if too many cancellations are received (three per half term). Rearrangement of the session in the same week is exempt from this rule and does not add to the number of cancellation.
  • Payment accepted: Cash (please have the correct amount ready), Mobile Banking PAYM and (PayPal).
  • Payment needs to be submitted at least one day in advance for online lessons and for PAYM or Paypal transfers.If a client is in arrears, lessons will be postponed until these are cleared.  
  • Lessons during the Northamptonshire term breaks do not adhere to the regular weekly schedule. They have to be booked independently in advance according to a first come first serve policy.
  • The progress of the student will be discussed between all parties involved (parents & students) unless requested differently by the student (if over 18).
  • I do not receive students at my own home in Thornby.
  • For lessons at a student’s home travel surcharges apply, as listed on my website. (The maximum travel distance is 15 miles, alternatively online tuition can be offered).
  • Please, add 50% of the basic rate for a 90 min session.
  • My lesson prices are fixed, hence no discounts given. 
  • Please, allow 15 minutes variation on the appointed time due to changing traffic conditions.
  • Online tuition is also available (basic rates apply –  no travel fees).
  • The first session is a combination of assessment and teaching. It is charged at the normal rate.
  • No warranties and liability limits for the services and websites of Sarina Mann apply as stated in the Disclaimer Document available on Sarina Mann websites.
  • By hiring my services or buying my products, the clients agree to my T&Cs and to the storage of their personal data as outlined in my privacy policy, which can be found on my website.

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