Speak with impact on camera and attract your ideal clients

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Speak with impact on camera
"I even know some confident public speakers who are happy to speak from a stage in front of a couple of thousand people but won’t do videos of themselves. Speaking on camera can bring up unique worries so it’s something to work with."

Are you ready to speak with impact and attract your ideal clients?

If you’re a business owner wanting to increase your visibility online and attract your ideal client then you’ve probably already thought about posting videos, doing webinars or speaking at events. You might have also found that there’s something holding you back from doing this.

In this blog, you’ll learn about the five steps that you can take to start speaking with confidence and impact for online platforms and start attracting your ideal clients.


The first step is all about confidence. You’re not necessarily crippled with anxiety but you just happen to be procrastinating and putting things off.

Feeling nervous or apprehensive can be a big factor that holds you back from speaking online or doing videos. There can be a lot of different fears involved in speaking online. You may feel uncomfortable about not being able to see your audience – for some that would be a relief! Or perhaps you feel self-conscious about being recorded and putting yourself out there for the world to see.

I even know some confident public speakers who are happy to speak from a stage in front of a couple of thousand people but won’t do videos of themselves. Speaking on camera can bring up unique worries so it’s something to work with.

Authentic confidence is a lifelong journey so it’s about working through a process. You can find out about overcoming your fear from my other blogs on this site.

Technology competence

The second step is all about technology basics.

You don’t need to be a technology wizard to do videos or online presentations. You just need to feel competent with using the technology involved.

Becoming familiar with the basics of your camera, lighting, audio, background and the software you’re using, whether that’s Zoom or a video editing program, will be a tremendous help. The more competent you feel with the technology you’re using, the more confident you’ll feel about virtual presentations.

Presentation skills mastery

The third step is all about developing your public speaking skills for a virtual environment. The truth is that core speaking skills are similar whether for online or in-person events. Once you develop your core skills as a speaker you can adapt them for online or in-person events.

When you develop your skills to speak effectively, you’ll be able to engage your audience more and deliver your message with clarity and impact so you can start attracting your ideal client.

Presentation skills are exactly that – a skill – and like with any skill, it takes time and practice to be good at it. It also helps to get some qualified feedback on your presentations so you learn how to make progress in your talks. You can find out more about presentation skills on my YouTube channel.

Creating engaging content

The next step is all about your content. What do you want to say, to whom and for what purpose? What do you want to communicate in your videos, for instance, and what is the aim of that video?

If you’re an expert in your field you may find it hard to know what to include in a short video or webinar. This is often because you know your topic so well that it’s hard to get out of your own head and look at your offers from the perspective of your audience.

The key is to break it down, get into the heads of your audience, think about questions you get asked all the time and aim to answer those questions in your videos and presentations.

Finding and creating speaking opportunities

The fifth step is all about both finding and creating speaking opportunities. You’re feeling relatively confident, you’re willing to put yourself out there and you’re clear on your content – now it’s time to shine.

Start getting more visible, position yourself as the expert in your field and allow your prospects to get to know you and how you can help them by speaking to them!

Of course, you don’t need to be on every platform – it’s about finding which is best for your business and your audience.

You can create your own opportunities by posting videos on social media platforms, hosting webinars or starting your own podcast. You can also find opportunities by speaking at networking events or groups, being interviewed on radio, television or podcasts or speaking at events. Once you get started you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner!

Following these five steps will help you speak with confidence, clarity and impact for virtual platforms and start attracting your ideal client.

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