The Ultimate Transformation - 1 to 1 Coaching

1-1 coaching means working with me on a weekly basis over a period of 8 weeks to accomplish your goals.

It’s a bespoke programme to meet your individual needs and involves receiving specific and detailed feedback from myself.

Who this is for

This 8-week, 1-1 coaching programme is for you if you’d like a tailor-made programme to suit your specific needs, guidance with the particular challenges you’ve had and more personalised and detailed feedback.
It’s also for you if you feel quite anxious about speaking in front of others and would like some extra support to manage nerves and develop your confidence as a speaker.
Ideally you’ll have a specific project that you’ll work on, a video you’d like to do for your business or a live online presentation you’d like to deliver at work.
By the end of the coaching programme, as well as developing your skills and competencies as a speaker, you will also have a video or online presentation ready to show your audience.

The methodology

The programme will cover the three key areas of the Breakthrough method:

Learn to manage nerves and anxiety
Become competent with the technology involved
Master pubic speaking techniques

How deeply we cover each key will depend upon your needs, for example, you may feel ok about using the technology involved but would like more help on your speaking skills and managing nerves.

I created this method from both from my own experience and also from helping others become confident speakers, you can check out their testimonials here.

The programme structure

The first session is a discussion and exploration about the problems and challenges you’ve had in making videos or delivering online presentations. 

It’s also an opportunity to get to know one another and for me to assess your skills and gain a clear understanding of your goals.

Then we can start the weekly one hour sessions.
Once we start, in between the weekly sessions you can contact me for support.

If you’re ready to become a confident speaker for your videos and online presentations, then click the link below and  complete the form for a free 15-minute consultation.

What my clients say

The one to one Breakthrough Public Speaking course provided me with all the skills, know-how & practical help to feel confident enough to develop my own projects. Sarina was a pleasure to work with & clearly knows her stuff. I always felt supported by her when receiving feedback, and enjoyed her positive, non-judgemental coaching style.
Avril Scott

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