Team Training

Is your team struggling to meet goals and win business as a result of poor presentation skills?

Are you looking to boost the performance of your team so that they get better results and more sales?

If you’re looking to ensure that you and your team deliver presentations with impact.

This training is for you.

Being able to present well for virtual audiences is now and essential skill.

And being able to present with confidence to persuade and engage your stakeholders and prospects is central to your success.

A great speaker will...

   Be able to will get their audience on board


   Will be more likely to get their message across and win business.

Business is changing fast and with the right support and in a safe environment to learn, practise and grow, you and your team can be engaging and effective speakers that drive results and win business.

The Breakthrough Virtual Speaker Programme for Teams:
7 modules delivered over 7 half-days

Session 1: Confidence Mindset

Confidence training – my 5 step process to becoming a confident speaker

Session 2: Tech Competence

Tech essentials for virtual presentations

Session 3: Content

Get clear on what you want to say for all types of presentations

Session 4 : Presentation Skills 

An overview of the top 10 presentation skills for virtual platforms

Session 5: Speaking skills for pre-recorded videos

Everything you need to record your own videos

Session 6 : Presentation Skills for live virtual events

Everything you need to know about delivering live virtual presentations

Session 7: Action

Deliver your presentation and get feedback

What to expect

Training is fun, interactive, and engaging. Most importantly it’s practical and will leave an impact on your team and get them using the techniques they learn in the training. It will get your team inspired and motivated to be the best speakers they can be. 

In the training your team will:

  • Learn and understand a topic
  • Practice what they’ve learned and receive feedback
  • Deliver their presentations and address any challenges
Team training

Available formats:
Half-day training: £500
Full-day training £1000
The full 7-module Breakthrough Virtual Training Programme: £3,500

The Breakthrough Virtual Speaker Programme is delivered over 7 half-days, one module per half-day training. The programme is adapted according to the needs of you and your team so that the sessions are bespoke.

How I work with clients:

Step 1: Consultation call
Step 2: I’ll put together a bespoke programme
Step 3: Deliver high quality, interactive training
Step 4: Feedback and follow up

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