Be the Speaker for your business to grow and scale

A six month coaching program to create 5 strategic speaker assets for your business.

Lead. Inspire. Engage.

Speech coaching will transform you into the calm, confident
and authentic speaker you only dreamed you could be.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to stand in front of an audience – to engage them, to captivate them and then to keep them hanging on your every single word? Have you ever dreamed of that scene, yet always assumed it would be out of reach?

The time for dreams is over

You’re not alone. Thousands of business professionals feel the same way. Yet they know, as you know, that the excuses can’t go on forever. Now is the time … to take the first step towards conquering those fears and fulfilling those dreams.

Did you know?

  • Public speaking is a skill to be learned, like any other
  • Few of us are born with the natural ability to speak in public
  • Absolutely anyone can learn how to present with confidence … even introverts (like me)

Speech Coaching is a series of 10 personalised sessions for business owners. In a safe, confidential space, this will be your chance to learn, practise and master the art of public speaking – while progressing towards finding your unique presentation style.

Don’t worry about making mistakes. It’s important that you make them – and learn from them. You’ll soon learn how to beat the brain freeze and become your confident best on camera and on stage.

Why sign up for speech coaching?

Firstly, you’ll learn the skills you need to be a great speaker. You’ll also wave goodbye to imposter syndrome. Imagine having that weight lifted from your shoulders!

As a natural introvert, I’ve been where you are now. My coaching approach is compassionate and empathetic because I understand the issues — and I know the best techniques for permanently overcoming them.

To get the most out of the coaching it’s best if you have a specific talk or projects you’re working on – this could be presentations for in person events such as your signature speech, a Tedx Talk or your Keynote speech. It may be material you’d like to record on camera for videos or courses or perhaps it’s for your next webinar.

You really can do it.

Coaching is bespoke and it all starts with a conversation. Hit the big button below to book in for a no-obligation chat.

Speech coaching — What will you learn?

You will get out of the course what you put into it, you can work on multiple speech projects and have your speaker assets ready to use instantly in your business. Everyone’s different, so each course is bespoke. Depending on your specific goals, you might learn how to –

The first step is simple. It’s just a conversation. For a free consultation to see how we get on, hit the big button below.

What will you accomplish?

If you’re a business owner, creating the 5 assets listed below will be a game changer for your business.

If you’re an executive such as a CEO you can choose from the assets below and in addition get speech coaching for panel discussions and leadership speeches.

By the conclusion of your  12  sessions, you will have these assets ready to use for your business to see immediate growth and will have learned the key skills you need for all public speaking engagements in the future.

5 assets that you’ll accomplish as part of the program:

Investment £550 per month for 6 months.

What my clients say

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