The Breakthrough Virtual Speaker

The NEW Digital Programme for business owners wanting to learn how to speak with confidence on camera for videos, webinars, and virtual events. Develop all the skills you need with these comprehensive lessons – and at your own pace!

Does the fear of public speaking hold you back from speaking on camera for videos, webinars and virtual events?

Speaking on camera is a form of public speaking so it’s not surprising to feel nervous about it.
Yet being nervous about speaking on camera means your competition gets seen and you don’t.
It costs your business visibility, brand awareness and ultimately sales.

Speak up for your business using the power of video to increase your visibility, brand awareness and lead generation!

"If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a minute of video’s worth 1.8 million."

You know what’s at stake!
Yet you shy away from speaking on camera and for virtual events…
You don’t get any results from webinars because you don’t know how to engage your audience and get them excited about your services…
You’d like to start posting videos and lives on social media, but you find it hard to be natural on camera…
You worry about what people think of you and cringe when you see yourself on video…
And you’re not sure what to say in your videos or even how to say it!

Sound familiar?

If so then the good news is, you can change this!
The power is in your hands.
You can become the confident, dynamic and engaging speaker you want to be and use your speaking skills to skyrocket your business.

Even if you’re shy, even if you have anxiety, and even if you feel uncomfortable on camera.

Imagine speaking with confidence on camera, delivering your message and attracting your ideal clients.

Showing the personality behind the business. 

Increasing your visibility, brand awareness and lead generation.

Research shows that creating videos for you business helps generate 41% more organic traffic,
potential customers stay 53% longer on a website with video,
and the video(s) increase conversion rates by 80%.

Imagine what that can do for your bottom line!

Businesses worldwide are using the power of virtual speaking to grow.

And you can too!

With the right support and a clear step-by-step process to follow, you can be the dynamic virtual speaker your business needs you to be!

The Breakthrough Virtual Speaker Programme

Breakthrough Virtual Speaker Programme Poster

During this digital programme...

You will learn how to masterfully show up for:

Learn at Your Own Pace

You’re in control. You’re free to speed up, slow down or take a break – you’ll learn at a pace that suits you. You’ll be free to revisit any part of the course until you’re confident you’ve got your virtual presenting skills down to a tee.

Low-pressure online learning

Forget about the stress of keeping up with a class. You can settle down at your desk – at home or at work – soak up the knowledge in a relaxed setting. No deadlines, no awkward interruptions from other learners – just you, your virtual presenting skills, your content, and your ambition.

Flexibility & Convenience

There’s no need to align your calendar or beat the rush hour to get to class. Your course is always ready whenever you’re up for some serious learning. Be it night or day, your classroom is just a click away.

The Signature Framework

The Breakthrough Virtual Speaker Modules

Each module is packed with practical information including workbook exercises, handouts, and practice exercises. After working through each module, you’ll take a step closer to being a confident virtual speaker!
Module 1: The Confidence Mindset

You’ll dive deep into what holds you back – identify, accept and embrace your fears, examine your beliefs, and prepare for action.

Arm yourself with a mindset that screams confidence.

Module 2: Tech Competence

Navigate the nuts and bolts of tech setup like a pro.

From your camera and lighting to background and audio, we’ll cover it all.

Module 3: Content

Master the art of crafting compelling messages. We’ll guide you through purpose, language,

content types, and strategy so your message resonates every time.

Module 4: Presentation Skills

You’ll get a complete toolkit for making your presentations unforgettable, including clarity, vocal variety, structure, and storytelling.

Module 5: Speaking Skills for Pre-Recorded Videos

Learn to plan, prepare, structure, and deliver your pre-recorded videos seamlessly.

Plus, we’ll walk you through the post-production essentials.

Module 6: Presentation Skills for Live Virtual Events

Whether it’s a meeting, webinar, or a full-blown conference, you’ll find out how to plan, prepare, structure, deliver, and even follow up.


Module 7: Action

Put everything you’ve learned into practice!

Whether you’re planning to deliver videos, training, presentations, conferences, or sales pitches – you’ll be all set to wow your audience.

By the end of The Breakthrough Virtual Speaker Programme...

You will have:

  • Presentation skills to get your audience on board every time
  • Figured out which software to use & a tech set up that suits you
  • Where to find speaking opportunities for your business
  • How to be confident when speaking on camera
  • Formulated & know how to deliver your business story and case studies
  • Written your business video and webinar content marketing strategy

Basically… walk away with all the skills, knowledge and support you need to start speaking on camera with confidence so that you can take your business to the next level with more visibility and sales! Plus finished videos and an online presentation instantly ready to use in your business.

Hear from other Breakthrough Speakers

"Thanks to Sarina, I’m now confidently recording a series of copywriting courses. The difference that Sarina has made has been to transform the process from a nerve-jangling chore … to a pleasure!"
Stephen Church
SEO Copywriter at Copywriter Pro
"Working with Sarina has been incredibly transformative, she’s given me so much confidence and so many practical skills in how to be engaging and how to feel internally confident so that I’m able to present my best self."
Chelvi Mailvaganan
Mindful Eating Expert at A Full Life
"I can compare the difference between presentations I made in time past to now. The 'Sarina impact' made an inspiring difference and result. Can't thank you enough Sarina!"
Robert Harris
Financial Educator at Your Financial Friend

Black Friday Sale!

£ 147
  • 7 Modules with Trainings
  • Workbooks & Useful Hand Outs
  • Practice Exercises
  • Guided Examples
50% OFF!

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Meet Sarina

From introvert to speech contest champ and coach.

Front on

Finding my voice and developing my confidence was such a moving and transformational experience that I wanted to help others do the same.

As a Toastmaster, I entered speaking contests regularly and won multiple awards including placing third place at a national contest in impromptu speaking.

During the pandemic, I focused my attention on virtual speaking skills, in particular speaking on camera, as I saw how valuable this skill had become in almost every area of life. I also realised that there are particular fears associated with speaking on camera that often don’t get talked about and lead people to shy away from speaking on camera because it can seem too uncomfortable.

After my own personal challenges with anxiety and having a fear of public speaking, I understand what it means to be anxious. That’s why I now help business owners break through their fears and limitations so they can find their voice, gain visibility for their business and quickly build credibility and trust to attract the clients they want to work with.

I now offer coaching programmes for business owners, speak at events and deliver team training in virtual presentation skills and public speaking.

What my journey taught me is that everyone can become a confident speaker.
Even if you’re shy, you’re an introvert or you have anxiety – you can become a confident speaker, it’s about learning the techniques, getting familiarity with them and getting the right support.

Your questions answered

Absolutely. As long as you have a wish to do this then that’s the biggest hurdle already of the way. The Breakthrough Method is a supportive and realistic step-by-step process to help you feel confident on camera.

By the end of the programme, not only will you have the skills you need to nail it on camera with your videos and virtual events but you’ll also have 1-2 videos, a webinar, a network pitch all ready to use in your business.

Let’s look at the statistics! According to

• Calls-to-action get 380% more clicks when placed in videos.• Video content can contribute to 157% increase in organic traffic for your landing pages.

80% would rather watch a live video than read a blog.

• Between 20% and 40% of those who attend a webinar become qualified leads.

Speech impediments are more common than you think and often go unnoticed as people learn to manage them. I’ve worked with lots of individuals with speech impediments and it’s definitely not an obstacle.

You don’t need to be a technical wizard to be proficient at virtual speaking. We cover all the basics you’ll need in this course and all the technical aspects are kept simple yet effective.

I will recommend some basic equipment that is optional. It’s nothing fancy and will not cost very much.

I’m here to support you in your journey to becoming confident on camera so just reach out.

No. By enrolling you’re taking responsibility for succeeding in the programme and making the most of it. You can do this!

Yes, I offer limited places of 1-to-1 coaching after the completion of the Breakthrough Virtual Speaker Programme is complete. You can email for more information.

If you have more questions.
Please contact

Don’t let your fears hold you back from becoming the speaker you want to be.
If you’re not getting anywhere on social media, your webinars and workshops are not converting and you turn down speaking opportunities due to nerves.

Make the decision to change – start nailing it with your videos, webinars and virtual events to get the results for your business that you want. Make your next presentation both memorable and profitable.

Are you ready to start making your business offer irresistible?
To gain more visibility and attract your ideal clients?
And deliver webinars and workshops that get you leads and increase your sales?
But most importantly are you ready to see your fear of speaking on camera as something of the past?
And to be the confident, dynamic and impactful speaker you want to be?
Are you ready?
Then choose an option below to get started!

Black Friday Sale!

£ 147
  • 7 Modules with Trainings
  • Workbooks & Useful Hand Outs
  • Practice Exercises
  • Guided Examples
50% OFF!

Are you interested in the Breakthrough Speaker Programme, but want 1-1 coaching?
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If you're still not sure if The Breakthrough Virtual Speaker Programme is for you...

Breakthrough Virtual Speaker Programme Poster

It’s only natural to have doubts…
…and signing up to a programme where you’ll overcome whatever is holding you back from being confident on camera is scary.

It will mean stepping outside of your comfort zone and challenging yourself.

Speaking on camera is a form of public speaking which is one of those fears that’s high up on the list for many. Think about what a difference it would make to your life and to your business if you are one of the few that overcome your fear of public speaking.

Truth is, it isn’t about what will happen if you join the programme, but also what if you don’t?

In our modern world, being able to present well on camera is now an essential skill for business owners, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Being confident in this area of life means you’ll feel less anxious and start to be the confident speaker you want to be. It means opening the door to new and unexpected opportunities!

Posting videos on social media and your website means becoming more visible so that you can grow your audience, build your brand, and connect with your ideal clients. Hosting webinars and workshops  increase your leads and ultimately your sales. Delivering virtual keynote speeches get you and your business more well-known.

The best way to overcome fears and limitations is to take action and prove your anxiety wrong.

It helps to share the journey with others and by getting the right feedback and support.

The Breakthrough Virtual Speaker Programme will give the guidance and tools that you need for life-long speaker skills.

Not to mention, you’ll be walking away with professionally approved videos, presentation templates, and complete a webinar by the end of the programme!

So what are you waiting for?

Black Friday Sale!

£ 147
  • 7 Modules with Trainings
  • Workbooks & Useful Hand Outs
  • Practice Exercises
  • Guided Examples
50% OFF!

Are you interested in the Breakthrough Speaker Programme, but want 1-1 coaching?
Join the VIP coaching programme here!

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