Presentation skills for charities

Learn how to touch hearts and change minds

Deep in the heart of your charity lies a compelling story waiting to be told. Your role is to touch the hearts and change the minds of your donors, your supporters, your team and your community. You’ll only achieve this by telling that story.

Imagine if you could hone your ability to communicate your charity’s mission – with passion, clarity and conviction. The exciting news is … you can!

Follow our Public Speaking Courses – develop your presentation skills – and you’ll be making an investment that will pay untold dividends for your charity and those you work so hard to support.

Are you a charity CEO? Or maybe you have a fundraising or marketing team. Either way, The Breakthrough Public Speaking courses will make all the difference!

Learn Charity Presentation Skills with us!

Your charity’s narrative is its strongest asset. Are you ready to become its most eloquent storyteller?

What you get out of the course will reflect what you put in.

We’ll design the course specifically for your needs. You can work on multiple speech projects and have your speaker assets ready to use instantly for the benefit of your charity. Everyone’s different, so each course is bespoke. Depending on your specific goals, you’ll learn how to –

Overcome fear and develop clarity and confidence

Master the tech for on-camera communication

Prepare and structure inspiring, engaging content for your target audience

Use compelling storytelling techniques

Connect with an audience through voice and body language

Build on your natural skills to become an authentic, original speaker

What’s the first step? That’s easy. It’s just a conversation. For a free initial consultation, hit this button –

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