Judith Hanson – Founder, Therapies for the Mind

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"I really want to thank Sarina for her excellent "How To" sessions covering all aspects of producing my own videos."

Judith Hanson was a professional trainer who then started her own business as a therapist. She was confident about her in-person training but not about presenting on video for her therapy business.

Judith wanted to be able to present on video in a way that was clear and succinct and also engaging for her audience.

She also wanted clarity on content and what to say in her videos.

During the coaching sessions Judith found her virtual speaking style and put her skills into practice immediately by posting her videos on her Facebook page.

Here’s what Judith had to say about the coaching with me:

“I really want to thank Sarina for her excellent “How To” sessions covering all aspects of producing my own videos. I am an experienced presenter and ex trainer BUT producing videos is different (and I have to admit I had forgotten some of the basics!). My key take aways were:
1. Plan and rehearse
2. Limit you content so that you cover one topic succinctly and clearly
3. Body language is still important and standing to video is good – I am more dynamic on my feet!
No matter how experienced you are, I would thoroughly recommend some sessions with Sarina so that your videos (marketing or content) are as effective as possible.”

You can check out her video testimonial here:

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