Presentation skills for non-native English speakers (ESL)

1 – 1 coaching in presentation and speaking skills for non-native English speakers. 

Public speaking is feared by many – presenting in your second or even third language can seem overwhelming and many people shy away from opportunities as a result.

Yet in the world of business and in work presentation skills (both in-person and virtual) are essential.
Imagine if you longer worried about your accent.
Or whether people would judge you.
Or not be able to understand you.

Imagine if you could speak with confidence and deliver your message with impact.

The good news is that you can be a confident speaker and deliver impactful talks even if English is an additional language for you.

With the right support and in a safe environment to learn, practise and grow, with coaching in both ESL and presentation skills, you can be the confident speaker you want to be.

Bespoke 1-1 coaching for non-native English speakers

Before we start you’ll get an assessment and a guide to which areas of English you need to work on.

During the programme, you’ll learn how to  ‘own’ your accent with confidence, use tenses correctly, know which idioms and English sayings to use and you’ll be supported in the four core areas of ESL speaking skills: pronunciation, vocabulary, fluency and grammar.

The coaching programme combines ESL learning with presentation skills training.

You’ll also walk away with confidence and presentation skills to last a life time.

What’s the investment for this transformation?
A transformation that will take your presentation skills to the next level so that you will no longer worry about your English because you’ll know how to present with confidence, clarity and impact.
A transformation that will enable you to engage, connect and inspire your audience to take action. 
Option 1: 7 week course £1,575
Option 2: 3 month coaching (includes the 7 week course) £2K
Option 3: 6 month coaching (includes the 7 week course) £3K

Payment plans are available.

The Instructor

Sarina Mann

I’m Sarina Mann, the creator of Breakthrough Public Speaking enabling business leaders and individuals to speak with confidence for both online and offline platforms.

Winning multiple awards at Toastmaster speech contests at local, regional and national levels, I soon developed a passion for helping others become the confident speakers they want to be. I realised that being a confident speaker isn’t a skill you’re born with, it’s a skill you learn, a skill everyone can learn.

What my clients say

The one to one Breakthrough Public Speaking course provided me with all the skills, know-how & practical help to feel confident enough to develop my own projects. Sarina was a pleasure to work with & clearly knows her stuff. I always felt supported by her when receiving feedback, and enjoyed her positive, non-judgemental coaching style.
Avril Scott

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