Do you know about Speaker Assets?

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Speaker Assets
"Learn to develop vital speaker assets - an increasingly important way to promote your brand image."

What are Speaker Assets? 
What do they have to do with my business? 

What does it take to be successful in business? What qualities do you need? Well, there’s perseverance, resilience, adaptability, financial acumen, problem-solving, innovation, vision, the ability to sell, speaker assets. Hang on a minute. What was that last one? Speaker assets? That’s right. As with the other traditional qualities, speaker assets are a set of skills that we all have within us to a greater or lesser degree. Just as with conventional business skills, they come naturally to some, but for others, they have to be acquired. 

Make the most of those Speaker Assets – leave the competition standing 

It’s only very recently that the Speaker Assets have come to be recognised as an essential element in the business owner’s armoury. This is down to the advent of the digital age. Ten or twenty years ago, the ability to present your brand, either live or on video, just wasn’t seen as ‘a thing’. 

This is still true today. If you can develop and refine your own Speaker Assets, you’ll firmly place your business in pole position, leaving your competitors wondering where they’ve gone wrong. 

Promoting your brand in the digital age 

Since the birth of the digital era, the barrier to entering business has dramatically lowered. All it takes is internet access, and a global audience is all yours. You can sell products or offer services. Either way, the convenience of this new technological era has sparked a surge in online businesses. But, of course, with all these exciting opportunities come inevitable challenges, the greatest of which is … 

… the challenge of standing out 

This vast new digital landscape isn’t yours alone. Sure, you can target a worldwide market … but so can millions of others. By recognising and applying your Speaker Assets, you’ll give yourself a head start in facing and overcoming each of these challenges. 

Market Saturation 
Many markets are crowded, with multiple businesses offering similar products or services. Your challenge will be for you to capture attention without distinct differentiators.

Consumer Attention 
With so much available content, your potential customers can become overwhelmed. Capturing and maintaining their attention won’t be easy. You need to be strategic and creative in your engagement tactics.

Brand Recognition 
Developing a recognisable brand in a crowded market is crucial. Without a strong brand identity and presence, businesses can easily get lost in a sea of competitors.

Adaptation to Trends 
The digital market is dynamic. Trends can change rapidly, and consumer interests can shift. Your business needs to stay agile, adapting your marketing strategies to keep up with market demands and remaining relevant. 

Productise your Speaker Assets through speaking engagements 

Here’s the trick. You need to find a way to turn each presentation or speech that you make into a valuable commodity that promotes your brand. By viewing each speaking opportunity as a product, you create a resource that can be marketed and sold. 

Like all the best assets, your Speaker Assets will work tirelessly, much like a sales team, to keep your business in the spotlight, ensuring ongoing engagement with your audience. Here’s how it works – 

Reusability and Scalability 
Unlike a one-off speech, speaker assets such as recorded webinars, keynote speeches, or educational videos can be reused. They can be distributed across various channels – your website, social media, YouTube – each one reaching new audiences without additional effort on your part.

Monetisation Opportunities 
By productising your speeches, you can monetise them in several ways. This could include 

  • selling access to recordings 
  • using them as lead magnets to gather contact information 
  • packaging them as part of paid online courses. 

Feedback and Improvement 
Each asset can also serve as a tool for feedback, allowing you to refine your offerings. Analytics from views, shares, and engagement can help you understand what resonates with your audience, helping you tailor future content to better meet their needs.

Building Authority 
Regularly releasing high-quality speaker assets will establish you as a thought leader in your industry. This authority makes your other services or products more appealing, enhancing your overall business growth. 

What different types of Speaker Asset can I use? 

Ideally, you need to develop a diverse set of speaker assets. Each serves a unique purpose and reaches audiences in different ways – 

  1. Keynote Speeches (In-person or Online) 
    These are the cornerstones of speaker assets. A compelling keynote can position you as an industry leader. You can deliver them at conferences or virtual events. They need to be robust and insightful, offering fresh perspectives or solutions.
  2. Social Media Videos 
    Short, engaging clips will capture the attention of casual scrollers. Social media videos should be dynamic and concise, ideally offering valuable snippets or teasers of your longer presentations.
  3. Webinars 
    These allow for deeper engagement with a more targeted audience. They can be educational. You can use them to delve into complex topics, providing real value to attendees. You can use recorded webinars as educational resources, enhancing your content library.
  4. Longer Form Videos for Websites, Landing Pages, or YouTube Channels 
    These detailed videos can be tutorials or deep dives into specific topics. They could even be talks that you’ve given at previous live events. They help to establish authority and to keep visitors on your website for longer – great for SEO and engagement rates.
  5. Your Pitch 
    A refined, persuasive presentation of your unique value proposition. Use these to intrigue and convert potential clients or partners. Your pitch should succinctly convey what sets you apart and how you can solve specific pain points. 

Each type of speaker asset has its strengths and can be used in different stages of your marketing funnel, from attracting new followers to converting them into paying customers. 

With the arrival of the digital era has come the challenge and opportunity to optimise your built-in speaker assets – a sure-fire way to promote and grow your business. By turning every speaking opportunity into a strategic asset, you’ll be doing much more than sharing your expertise. 

Now is the time to: 

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