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The Undeniable Power of Speaking on Camera: A Definitive Guide for Business Success in the Digital Age

The recent leap forward in the development of digital marketing has had an astonishing impact on the way we run our businesses. This impact has manifested itself in countless ways. But one development stands head and shoulders above all others – a development that, if we are to give our businesses the greatest chance of success, we all need to embrace.

This development is video – a medium with enormous power and potential, a medium that no business dare ignore, a medium which means that the days when we could afford to be camera shy are over.

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Keynote speeches – the art of getting noticed … and being remembered

What’s the big deal with keynote speeches? Why do so many business leaders jump at the opportunity to deliver them? Are they only about ego and self-publicity, or can keynote speeches bring genuine benefit to a business? In this article, we’ll look at these questions and also explore the vital elements to consider when preparing your keynote speech.

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Preparation is everything – 5 ways to prepare for presenting on video

One of the most common questions I am asked by businesspeople is “Why is presenting on video so nerve wracking”? That’s a very big question. Things like who you are as a person, your training, and your natural levels of confidence on camera all have a part to play, as do many other factors. There are no quick fixes, or one size fits all solutions, but there are a few things you can do that will help you prepare.

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Top tech tips for making videos

Once you become more familiar with these five areas – camera, lighting audio, background, and video recording and editing software – you’ll start to feel much more confident about making videos and sharing them with your audience.

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What my clients say

The one to one Breakthrough Public Speaking course provided me with all the skills, know-how & practical help to feel confident enough to develop my own projects. Sarina was a pleasure to work with & clearly knows her stuff. I always felt supported by her when receiving feedback, and enjoyed her positive, non-judgemental coaching style.
Avril Scott

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