Camera shy? Presentation tips to speak like a pro on your videos

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"It’s about grabbing and holding the attention of your audience and taking them on a journey with you that evokes interest and emotion. "

Are you looking for the perfect presentation tips to grab the attention of your audience?

Every business owner needs to be able to grab the attention of their virtual audience and hold it.

This is easier when you’re face to face with your audience – you can use a variety of body movements or gestures and make eye contact.

Speaking on camera to a virtual audience (whether it’s live or a pre-recorded video) means you’ll have to work much harder (and smarter) to capture their attention.

It’s amazing how many people struggle with speaking in an engaging way on camera. There’s nothing worse than watching a video when the speaker looks like they’re even more bored than you are! And it certainly won’t attract your ideal clients to sign up for your services.

However, it does make sense when you think about it: you’re sitting in front of your laptop or smartphone, alone in a room about to press the record button and the reality is – you don’t feel that excited about addressing your audience, which consists of your recording equipment and, if you’re lucky, your pet.

You can read more about how to be natural on camera here.

Once you can speak more naturally on camera, you can introduce some simple presentation techniques that will help you speak like a pro.

It’s about grabbing and holding the attention of your audience and taking them on a journey with you that evokes interest and emotion.

Your video literally ‘speaks’ to them and they can relate to what you say.

It’s also about clarity and being succinct – avoid the dreaded waffle!

Here are three presentation skills that will help you connect with your audience and deliver your message with clarity and impact when speaking on camera.

Effective use of language is the foundation of being an engaging speaker

The way you use words to communicate your message is key.

Think about copywriting; a good copywriter uses words that get the audience on board and wanting to take action. Speaking is the same, just delivered in a different format.

When preparing to deliver any kind of presentation, think carefully about words. Clarity is essential, as well as grabbing attention – be bold and clear right from the start.

Why not start with a bold statement about your industry or an engaging question, then introduce yourself and your topic.

Introducing yourself is not engaging because your audience isn’t interested in you (sorry!), they’re interested in how you can help them, so start with the topic and not your name.

Throughout the video be sure to stay on track and adopt a variety of linguistic techniques.

An engaging speaker is someone who is great with words and linguistic techniques such as rhetorical questions, imagery, and storytelling.

To finish, think about the words you want to use to end your video with impact. Always include a call to action that directs your listeners to take some kind of action whether that’s to subscribe to your channel or download a freebie.

Start with engaging words then mould them with linguistic techniques to get your audience engaged from the start and then end with impact.

Vocal variety: master your tone, pitch and pace

Let’s take a look at three key aspects of your voice.

Your tone is what sets the scene: do you have a serious tone, a cheerful one or maybe even a sarcastic tone?

Of course, you need a variety of tones throughout your video to portray different ideas. If you speak in monotone the overall message is one of disinterest. Speaking in monotone can actually be a side effect of nerves as you worry about how you sound and hold back from being yourself.

In general, being yourself will allow your natural tones to shine through. If you combine this with using a variety of pitches such as a low pitch to talk about something more serious and a higher pitch to express surprise, enthusiasm or excitement this will create more dynamism and impact in your message.

Another effect of anxiety can be speaking too fast – mainly because you want it to be over quickly. However, if you’re wishing your presentation to be over quickly it’s likely your audience is feeling exactly the same!

Speaking too quickly reduces the impact and effectiveness of the information you’re trying to communicate. It’s better to take a deep breath and speak more slowly and add a few pauses along the way.

In your next video be sure to avoid monotone and speaking too quickly and try to tune in to a variety of appropriate tones, pitches and pace.

Authenticity: what’s that?

There’s a lot of confusion about what it actually means to be authentic.

Being authentic is vital when you deliver presentations.

It’s your voice, your message – it’s got to be you.

Authenticity as a speaker means being true to your personality, your views and ideas in the context in which you’re speaking.

We are of course different people according to the changing context, so naturally you’ll behave differently with your mother, best mate or partner than you would do with your boss, co-worker or client. It doesn’t mean you’re not being authentic: you’re being yourself in a variety of different situations.

Authenticity as a speaker, therefore, means being yourself in the context of delivering a presentation to a particular audience about your expertise.

So let’s say your personality is predominately serious and analytical, then stay true to your personality. You can add a bit of humour, knowing that this is an effective speaking technique that can help connect to the emotions of your audience, but ultimately stay truthful to who you are.

There’s no need to be someone else.

If you have a cheerful personality, then be truthful to this and again add some speaking techniques to enhance your talk but ultimately be you, not someone else.

Being an engaging speaker takes time but by adopting these speaking skills you’ll start to see results. Your videos will engage your ideal clients and you’ll be on your way to speaking like a pro.

Learn to use words effectively, master your voice and be yourself.

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