Sarina Mann

I’m Sarina Mann creator of Breakthrough Public Speaking and I help individuals speak with confidence on camera for videos and online presentations.

I developed a method to overcome the more severe effects of anxiety and went so far as to break through my own fear of public speaking and now speak on a regular basis. I focus on helping people speak virtually, for online presentations and videos because I believe it’s an essential skill for the modern world. 

There are also particular fears associated with speaking on camera that often don’t get talked about and lead people to shying away from speaking on camera because it can seem too uncomfortable.

That’s why I now help others break through their fears and limitations so they can find their voice, speak with confidence and be heard.

You can overcome your fear of speaking on camera, learn the technology involved and master presentation skills to engage your audience.

I believe everyone can breakthrough their fear of public speaking, find their voice, master presentation skills and speak with impact to persuade, inspire and lead.

The solutions I offer that may benefit you are:
  • Online courses
  • Group coaching
  • One to one coaching
  • The three areas you’ll learn in all my training are:
    1. Mindset: overcoming fear and developing authentic confidence.
    2. Technology: the basics of being on camera (sound, lighting, background, camera presence, displaying slides effectively).
    3. Public speaking techniques: for online presentations, webinars and videos (vocal variety, language, storytelling, hand gestures, body language, and more).

    If you’re ready to start your journey, I recommend starting with this free mini-course 3 Keys to camera confidence that you can get in your inbox today.

    What my clients say

    The one to one Breakthrough Public Speaking course provided me with all the skills, know-how & practical help to feel confident enough to develop my own projects. Sarina was a pleasure to work with & clearly knows her stuff. I always felt supported by her when receiving feedback, and enjoyed her positive, non-judgemental coaching style.
    Avril Scott

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