Breakthrough your fear. Speak with confidence on camera.

Imagine if you could speak with confidence on camera and grow your business and gain more visibility through the power of videos, webinars and virtual events. Would you like the complete process I take all my clients through to achieve this?

If you answered yes then download your free guide below – 13 pages packed full of essential information, including ALL the steps you need to become a confident virtual speaker!

Everyone can breakthrough their fear of public speaking, find their voice, master presentation skills and speak with impact to persuade, inspire and lead.

You can become the speaker you want to be. You can speak with confidence .

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Sarina Mann

I’m Sarina Mann, the creator of Breakthrough Public Speaking enabling business leaders and individuals to speak with confidence for both online and offline platforms.

Winning multiple awards at Toastmaster speech contests at local, regional and national levels, I soon developed a passion for helping others become the confident speakers they want to be. I realised that being a confident speaker isn’t a skill you’re born with, it’s a skill you learn, a skill everyone can learn.

Blog Posts

5 ways to prepare for presenting on video

Preparation is everything – 5 ways to prepare for presenting on video

One of the most common questions I am asked by businesspeople is “Why is presenting on video so nerve wracking”? That’s a very big question. Things like who you are as a person, your training, and your natural levels of confidence on camera all have a part to play, as do many other factors. There are no quick fixes, or one size fits all solutions, but there are a few things you can do that will help you prepare.

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