Public speaking is a skill which anyone can learn.

Transform yourself, in  a few short weeks into an engaging speaker – one who captivates your audience’s attention and then keeps them hanging on every word!

Lead. Inspire. Engage.

Become a world class speaker

Even if you don't consider yourself to be a natural speaker

For many people, speaking in public can be difficult. In-person or on camera – they find the prospect of presenting themselves and their business a nerve-wracking ordeal.

However, in business, speaking to groups of people is an essential skill. Making a positive impression with your target audience can be fundamental to your personal branding, influence and to long-term business success. 

I’m Sarina Mann – an award-winning public speaker with a thorough understanding of my craft. My years of experience have taught me the following fundamentals –

  • Public speaking is a skill to be learned, like any other
  • Few of us are born with the natural ability to speak in public
  • Absolutely anyone can learn how to present with confidence 

Breakthrough Public Speaking courses

If you’re an executive or founder you’ve probably already discovered that public speaking is an important part of your role. You may have also noticed that there are many complexities involved in what to say and how to say it when it comes to speaking across multiple types of events in the context of business and leadership. Whether that’s  presenting, pitching, leading a team or speaking on a panel the key is a strong message, authenticity and clarity. The question is how to get there. Here are a few options.


Are you a professional looking to build your public speaking confidence? Maybe you’re planning to deliver a Keynote Speech?

This series of 10 bespoke sessions is made for you. A unique opportunity to learn, practise and master the art of public speaking - while progressing towards finding your unique presentation style.


Go from flustered to fluent on camera and learn the skills you need to run a business in the digital age. Whether that’s for pre-recorded videos or live virtual events.

You’ll build your confidence and fluency and quickly master that art of virtual presenting.


Custom-designed for organisations, on-site or online.

This series of interactive workshops will help your teams to overcome their nerves, face the camera and deliver genuinely engaging presentations to stakeholders.

active listening as a coaching skill


Learn how to overcome the fear of walking into a room filled with strangers.

Find out how to get people to know you, like you and trust you … and then? Those business referrals will just keep on coming.

Book me to speak at your event

As an experienced and successful motivational speaker, I go beyond delivering an instant boost of inspiration.

My award-winning keynote presentations will result in tangible benefits for your organisation –

  • Better communication skills
  • improved authentic confidence
  • practical techniques to overcome obstacles to success

Your audience leaves the room armed with a host of valuable tools to generate new-found, powerful self-belief in both their professional and personal lives.

Discover the benefits of my motivational talks.

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